The Best Waffle Recipe and The Best Waffle Iron

Probably one of my fondest memories growing up was having waffles on Saturday morning with my family. We had the best homemade waffle recipe. If there was one family tradition that sticks out to me, that is it.

The tradition was so important to my siblings that when my mom and dad decided to get a new waffle iron when everyone had left the nest, the old one suddenly became a coveted item among us. It was a greasy old model from the 1970’s and had a decorative yellow flower paint job on the top. Oddly enough, it made rectangle waffles. I was the first to be offered the iron, which had been seasoned with years of love and use. I however, did not have room in my suitcase to take it to college with me, so my opportunity was lost. My sister did have room. She took it, but only had it for a month or so before she took it to my brother’s house, where she accidently left it. Now my brother has control over the iron, but for how long?

The next time I visit my brother there may be a chance that the iron will go missing. Is that evil of me? Perhaps. But if you have had the best ¬†waffle ¬†recipe, made with this special waffle iron, you would understand and I hope they will too. I’m sure I would be forgiven, right?

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