Best waffle recipe thoughts from a friend of mine.

Here are few thoughts from a friend of mine regarding the best waffle recipe.

There are a lot of folks out there claiming to have the best waffle recipe. They pile out of their Astro Vans and into church breakfasts, slinging mediocre waffles like a disenfranchised Dutchman. They’ll tell you their recipe is really simple (“I just use Bisquick batter and a can of sprite”) or takes a long time (“I let my yeast bloom for three days”) but the end result is always the same. The waffles are soggy, floppy, chewy, and taste like an old plastic bag. Heed not the advice of your friends and neighbors, these people are fools.

The best waffle recipe cannot be made by mere suburbanites with a cheap waffle iron and a furrowed brow. It must be made by God’s chosen people (for North Eastern Europe at least), the Belgians. The Belgians haven’t had it easy in a lot of respects, but they had one glorious food stuff (besides fries, beer, and chocolate) to get them through. The *cue angelic music* waffle! The Best Waffle Recipe â„¢ will have Belgium ingredients written all over it;  white sugar, cardamom and a rocket hot waffle iron. Anything less should not be trusted, it was likely made by the ignoramuses who defile the sacred foodstuff that is waffle. Accept no less, heal thine soul.


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